Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Christening

Our first evening in Wakonda State Park, we began thinking about names for our new home. We had originally thought about "Heart of Gold" from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. This was, after all, a journey of infinite improbability, but it didn't scan right.

A few years ago, I piloted our Firefly balloon, "Highlander". The name was a nod to our Scots-Irish heritage, and the heights to which we aspired. We had some great adventures with Highlander, but the time constraints of running a photography business proved to be too much, and we gave up the balloon* in favor of terrestrial pursuits.

Note: The two worst mistakes of my life - buying that hot-air balloon and selling that hot-air balloon.
We discussed it for a while, and over a pair of clinking old fashioned glasses full of Drambuie on the rocks, we settled again on Highlander, now Highlander II. We met hundreds of amazing people when we flew, and we expect to meet hundreds of interesting people on the road.
Highlander II
* Highlander Is still flying, now with Andrew James at the controls. He renamed it "Budzilla". I'm honored.

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