Thursday, June 2, 2016

On the Move

Yesterday was moving day. After all the fragile items - and Moxie - were packed away we broke camp and set out from Bennett Spring State Park to begin to make our way to The Rockies.

We had a plan. Had.

Our original intent was to stop near Springfield, Missouri to have better tires installed on our rig. Arrangements were made, appointments were set and met. If all went to plan, we'd be able to make camp by late afternoon, early evening at worst.

Cross Timbers State Park - Toronto, Kansas

We estimated two hours for the tire installation, so we rolled into a truck stop and got a sandwich, and went back to the dealer, parked the truck and took a short nap.

Two hours became three, and then we were informed that we were ready to go, and could come settle up and be on our way. The timing was still good, so we plunked down a stack of dead presidents, and got ready to roll.

Nope. The tires, which were high-pressure monsters, had been installed with rubber valve stems instead of the metal stems that were required and that we had specified. Roll the trailer back into the shop. Much hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing later, we were informed that the metal stems were not to be had that day, and we could stay in their lot overnight.

Really? That's just great.

Service guy went away and said he'd be right back with us. Subordinate service guy came back and said that we were all set and ready to go. Communication is apparently the first victim of commerce.

What should have been 3:00 is now 5:30 and we have 200 miles to go. Allowing for a couple of leg stretches and a fuel stop, we'll be setting up after dark. Again. This is starting to be a thing with us.

Please keep in mind that Princess Moxie has been in her carrier all this time, and only starting to bark at us when we turned the corner onto Highway 54 at Collins Missouri. We got her a sandbox break at our Casey's fuel stop and she was fine all the way to Toronto, Kansas.

It was pitch black when we arrived, and once again, a helpful neighbor with a bright light helped us get settled. We have often relied on the kindness of strangers. Those of you that have homes without wheels should be reminded that a new location for us requires a certain amount of infrastructure maintenance when we arrive. Electric connections, water hoses, sewer connections, leveling and expanding the white whale all take time.

By the time we were all set up, it was 10:30. A quick bite and the lights went out.

We have a few days at Cross Timbers State Park to relax and explore the area and then we'll weigh anchor again and head west. News as it happens.

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