Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Grand Canyon

Let's be perfectly clear: there is nothing I can say, no bucket of superlatives I can string together, that will in any way approximate the extraordinary scale, beauty, and pure grandeur of the Grand Canyon. So, here, in a feeble attempt to illustrate, are a few pictures from Grand Canyon National Park.

We parked our rig at an RV park in Williams, Arizona and made our way up Highway 64 to the park. At that same moment, 10,000 of our closest friends did exactly the same thing. I'm ok with that. I realize that this is one of the wonders of the world, and that people from every country in that world make their way here to see this, wave their selfie sticks in the air and then move on, to eventually make their way to Vegas.

Seriously, if you don't like crowds, wait for a rainy day to visit the Canyon. Even then you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with tourists from all over. This is a travelling photo-scrum. It becomes an assembly line - queue, shoot, move - lather, rinse, repeat. Everyone is jockeying for position. Exit through the gift shop.

Most people are pretty nice, most are patient enough, and for the most part, pretty civil.

The truth is, I'm not much for crowds. We drive a large truck out of necessity, and navigating packed parking lots isn't all that much fun. Once my level of personal-space weirdness starts to subside, the quality of people-watching is fantastic, second only to the early-bird buffet at a casino.

We took the free shuttles all along the South Rim, and found the service friendly, convenient and much preferable to driving and parking. The next time we visit the Grand Canyon, we would also opt for taking the train from Williams, and leave the fat-ass truck behind.

If you've never been to the Grand canyon, you really should get there, and if you're young and supple, take the Bright Angel Trail to the bottom of the Canyon. Failing that, there are mules that will gladly suffer your weight and take you to the river a mile below the rim.

Be patient, enjoy the fresh Arizon air and vast expanses of scenery, and notch the Grand Canyon into your memory book. 

Williams, Arizona 
Williams, Arizona
There's more to come. Our next jump is a shorter one. Stay tuned.

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